Welcome to the online archive of Hearsay magazine, a singer-songwriter-orientated music zine which was published throughout the 1990s in London, England. This site reproduces over 40 of our best in-depth interviews with some of the finest songwriters and most literate of bands in the English-speaking world. We have digitised and re-published these pieces after many years to make them permanently available, in their entirety, to a wider audience. From Lloyd Cole on cantankerousness to the innocence mission on quietude, Stephen Duffy on Viagra to Joe Henry on mirror balls, these transcripts illuminate the interrelationship of art, life and love - as the best art, lives and loves should.

The interviews were first scanned and compiled for this archive site in summer 2008 by Neil and Ewen, the original editors of the print edition. We had not looked at them since publication ceased, eight years earlier, but were pleased to find they stand up. Hearsay interviews followed an approach which was both comprehensive and eccentric; some questions invited expansive reflection on whole careers, others were cheeky and provocative. In the main, our subjects were willing to play along. Whether our approach was a help or a hindrance, compiling this site has reminded us how often our interviewees were as insightful, philosophical and mischievous in person as their songwriting had always led us to believe during long nights of bedsit bachelorhood. We hope you agree.

More information about print-era Hearsay can be found here. We would like to reunite some of the old gang of former writers, readers and interviewees, even if only online, so if you fall into any of those categories, please get in touch. And do consider becoming a member of the site (see below) so we can update you occasionally on developments and new content.

Incidentally, we are no relation to Hear/Say: America's College Music Magazine. There have always been lots of magazines called 'Hearsay' jostling around to confuse everyone, ourselves included.1x7a



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