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Ewen and I were deeply saddened to learn of the death of Sean Body, author, rock bookshop proprietor, sometime Hearsay contributor, and all-round gentleman. Sean was one of our earliest supporters when Hearsay moved into its second, better phase and I well remember receiving a phone call from him, out of the blue, asking to stock our mag in his about-to-open shop. This was Helter Skelter on Denmark Street, the first bookshop dedicated to books on rock music, already garnering some glowing press (including a memorable double-page spread in Q magazine). I hesitantly lugged a bag of back issues down to WC2 one sunny afternoon in 1995, immensely flattered by the endorsement. I found Sean in the middle of pre-launch chaos but was struck by his gentle and sanguine nature in its midst. Within minutes of meeting, we were discussing classic American literature. We didn’t see him often but watched Helter Skelter grow and develop a publishing arm, and felt hugely proud when Sean’s biography of Mark Eitzel, the very definition of a labour of love, hit print. He sent us exactly the sort of feedback on Hearsay we wanted. I remember getting a note from him which read: ‘Bought Joe Henry’s Trampoline on your recommendation. Weekend well and truly made.’ He was the sort of person we compiled this site for: an ideal, careful reader and listener. The Guardian obituary is here.


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